How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy S/Note

It is normal to delete those unimportant text messages on the Samsung mobile phones to free up the storage space from time to time. However, you may accidentally press on “deleted all” option and the wanted messages are also gone. I believe there are large amount of Samsung users have such terrible experience.

Well, If you are the one who are searching for solution to retrieve deleted messages on Samsung galaxy S6/S5/S4/S3/S2/Note 5/Note 4/Note 3 etc., You don’t need to get too tensed because you have two options at least to do the Samsung messages recovery: by using backup and Samsung Data Recovery software. Read on, this article will guide you get back what you want.


Option 1. Restore Deleted Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy via Backup

This is a method to recover your deleted/lost text messages only if you’ve previously backed them up before.
From Google Backup. Google can backup and restore Samsung messages, contacts, app info etc. as long as you have synced your SMS with Google account. Simply log into your Google account, go to the gmail, you will find the text messages under “SMS”.
From Samsung Smart Switch. If you have backed up Samsung text messages with the Samsung smart switch, then it is very easy to to do Samsung SMS recovery. Just start Smart Switch on your PC/Mac, when your device is detected, click “Restore” option -> Select the backup folder and file type -> Click “OK”to restore Samsung SMS.


Option 2. Retrieve Deleted Samsung SMS by Samsung Data Recovery

What if you didn’t backup your Samsung and failed to find deleted text messages from your galaxy in the above way? Take it easy, Samsung Data Recovery is the best bet in this case. It gives great solution to recover messages from Samsung galaxy S series(like galaxy S6/S5/S4 etc.) and Samsung galaxy note series (like galaxy Note 5/Note 4/Note 3 etc.)

Samsung Data Recovery for Windows Samsung Data Recovery for Mac

Stop using your Samsung galaxy s/note mobiles, as the new data may overwrite the deleted Samsung SMS and make them unrecoverable.

Step by step guide:
– First of all, download and install Samsung SMS Recovery tool and run the software. Then, select “Database” option to continue.
– Now connect your Samsung galaxy s/note to your computer with USB data cable.
Enable USB debugging to allow the program get super user authorization and access your device. After that, click “Start” to scan.
– Wait for the scanning, once it completes, it will show all found content in categories “Messages”, “Contacts”, and “Call Logs”.
– Now, you can click “Messages” to preview both the existing messages and deleted messages on the scan result, click on “Recover” and select an output location to start recovering.


Moreover, you can recover contacts from Samsung as well as call logs, photos, Whatsapp messages, videos, etc. files with the same method. If you have files lost on Samsung galaxy, simply get the Samsung Data Recovery to help you get rid of it.

Samsung Data Recovery for Windows Samsung Data Recovery for Mac

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